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Wiraraja Plastic Manufacturer

Welcome to Wiraraja Plastic Manufacturer

Wiraraja Plastic Manufacturer is a company which produce plastic bags and were established since August 14, 1998. Wiraraja has high commitment in providing customer satisfaction and its rapid growth has proved it all. Starting from mere plastic recycle processing plant, through hard work and trust from our business partners, in very short period Wiraraja has developed and now is able to produce our own plastic bags with international quality supported by high technology machines.

Our vision is to make Wiraraja become one of world class plastic companies from indonesia and able to supply world market demand.

To realize the vision, Wiraraja is committed to create customer satisfaction in quality and services. For Wiraraja, quality and customer satisfaction could only be achieved by developing its human resources and proposing competitive advantage in serving the market.

Finally, by upholding the vision and mission, Wiraraja is ready to answer the challenge of current plastic bag demands and greet your cooperation



Like any other good institution, Wiraraja also consider its employees as company's asset. Therefore, besides employees welfare, Wiraraja also continuously strives to develop ther skills, including technical and analytical skill. Therefore Wiraraja always provide technical or analytical training by local or foreign instructor, for the purpose of improving staff's performance in production and customer service.


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